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Review: ST. Moriz instant self tanning mousse

July 6, 2011

My Rating: 

It’s Cheap & it works ! This product is perfect for one use, for a day event if you want an extra glow… you just got a little sun !:) And, as shallow as this sounds, being tanned generally means looking pretty, skinny and healthy…In the summer time, I prefer lying on a beach and have the real thing, but the rest of the season, this is my go-to product;
It lasts about 2-3 days on me. It’s more of a gradual tanner, but the first appliance looks natural.I think the mousse is easiest to use and is the most fail safe.
I dont know if it contains the same ingredients as ST tropez ( i never used it , though im dying to buy it) but i guess it’s an excellent alternative  at a fraction of the price (I paid around 2 Euros )

The steps i take to have a non-patchy look:

1.I put it on before bed.
2.I gave it a good shake before and i apply it with my hands ( if you are using a mitt, it will work better and prevents any streaking).
3.Usually I shave and exfoliate one day before I tan.
4.I put a small amount of moisture on my knees, elbows etc as these areas are a little bit dryer and they tend to hold on to the tan more.
5.I don’t shower/ exercise for at least 6 hours , but most of the times I apply it before i go to sleep, although it does stain the sheets.

A lot of product washes off on the first shower, but stay assured it still looks good on the skin. I recommend this product without reservation.xoxo



Review: ST. Moriz instant self tanning mousse on Wednesday July 6th, 2011 rated 4.0 of 5

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