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  1. Summer beauty tip: Guerlain Tinted Moisturizer

    August 27, 2011 by donnaalba19

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    I’ve only heard good things about Guerlain: high quality products with a luxurious texture and  a good value for the money you are paying.

    Naturally, I wanted to try something out, so I decided to purchase a foundation. I’m definitely one of those girl who are constantly looking for the perfect foundation, so when  I’m ready to splurge on some make up items, is usually the foundation;

    I went to Sephora last winter looking to buy a sheer foundation, one that would allow my pores to breathe. I ended up buying this product. And thank god i did!

    To be fair, I was a little bit worried at first. I tried it on but it looked a bit fake and dark. The color didn’t match my skin tone so I figured out i will do like the make up artist, and blend this mismatch color for the perfect one. Needless to say this product is just for the summer time, at least for me. With a natural tan and a small dub of this, I look  fresh and healthy. And that’s all I care for.

    The application is somewhat sheer– I would say about one-half the coverage of a normal foundation .  This allows a bit of your natural skin to peek through.  It lasts well through a day.

    What I usually do, is apply the tinted moisturizer and then spray a little bit of Evian Mineral Water . It tones down a bit of the shimmer, and it looks more natural/healthy, plus its barely detectable on the face.Overall an excellent product well worth the price (40 euros).

  2. Embryolisse-crème hydratante à l’orange

    August 20, 2011 by donnaalba19

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    Im sure that you all heard it before, so it should come as no surprise to anyone here: Embryolisse creme is one of the best moisturizer on the market and one of  most amazing, best kept secrets in the makeup industry. A Makeup Artist’s Secret Weapon and a product so very hard to find…..unless you are living in France 🙂

    This brand is famous for its Lait creme concentre , a  moisturizer that comes in a metal tube and has such a thick texture that absorbes quickly into the skin . Now, to my misfortune, i couldn’t find this at a drugstore in France, but the lady at the counter recommended another great moisturizer from the same brand: Creme hydratante a l’orange (Moisturizing Cream with Extract of Oranges).  Its basically a vitamin rich moisturizer,designed to combat dry skin and give an overall soft effect.

    Like i mentioned before I have dry skin in the winter and in the summertime its pretty normal, with a slightly shiney T-zone. Nevertheless, its pretty sensitive and acne-prone.  I use this every morning/night both as a moisturizer and an eye-cream. Its hands down, one of the best moisturizer i have ever tried. Quickly, its becoming my Holy-grail product ( well, until i try the other famous one :p).

    Its actually quite a light formulation with the effects of a rich heavy moisturizer ; it sinks in to my skin really fast and it has not broken me out or anything. This product has a lovely scent and lives my skin really soft in the morning and throughout the day.What I honestly feel when I apply this, its an instant re-hydration of my skin.

    I use it as a primer as well.  No spf, but other than that , no downsides . Its a little bit  pricey ( 19 euros) but seriously, I cannot praise it enough. Definitely going to repurchase this in the future!

  3. Acne treatment:Retin-A. It Works!

    July 31, 2011 by donnaalba19

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    I strongly believe that the secret of all great make up is great skin. Like most people I had flawless completion until my puberty and after, but somehow in my early twenties I started to have a major acne problem. I got this combination of whiteheads and blackheads all starting from my cheeks and  slowly spreading through all over my face. I have an oily T zone but the rest of my face is normal to dry.

    Tretinoin Cream ( Retin-A) helps expel the plugged material under your skin, returning the pore to normal.It irritates the skin and causes the cells of the skin to divide and die more rapidly, increasing the turnover of cells. Be aware, the product can be irritating at the beginning;

    I usually apply Tretinoin Cream in a thin layer at night.

    In the morning I wash my  face with a facial scrub . This will help reduce the noticeable flaking.After washing, I apply a good water-based moisturizer. The moisturizer will make the drying effect of the medicine more tolerable.

    The product is a cheap and effective solution to treat acne. All in all, Tretinoin is a good product, and if nothing else works with your acne, give it a try!

    My acne ” fighting kit “: Effaclar Duo, Effaclar K, Retin-A, Brevoxyl, Effaclar A.I and Zineryt