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  1. Enhanced Lashes: Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

    August 29, 2011 by donnaalba19

    My Rating: 

    By far, the best mascara i have ever  used!. It is the only one  I have purchased time and time again. When I buy a mascara, I really don’t care how super sleek the packaging is. I just need it to work. It really comes down to  basic time constraint . When you get up at 7 am and you have a hectic day ahead, there’s really no time to get ready properly. I usually have about 10-15 min to apply a foundation, blusher, liquid eyeliner & mascara. And here, this mascara what I need to spark up those morning eyes.

    I genuinely think that the most important element of makeup in any woman’s life is mascara -followed by foundation and lipstick :)

    The formula of this product is great: It allows you to build up your lashes from a day-to-day/ natural look to a more defined/ thick lashes. It rarely clumps and is able to last a long warmy weather without smudging. If your lashes are short and straight, I recommend you try this out.


    *Sorry for the horrific pics, snap shots from my laptop’s webcam*

    This product volumizes and lengthens without leaving any marks under the eye . I have received numerous compliments from girls, that were absolutely convinced I had some fake lashes put on:). Now,I don’t consider myself an expert on mascara, and I didn’t try all the brands out there, BUT  honestly this is ,hands down, the best one I’ve ever tried.

    Repurchase? Hell yeah.